This is what we do.

No Frills. No Excuses.
Clear Minds.
Savage Bodies.


Our approach to fitness training differs from the run of the mill globo gyms out there. We do not believe in artificial climate control, muscle isolation and machine assisted workouts, mirrors and color coded dumbbells. Our units are ‘no frills’ and very spartan. We don’t do fancy. We do hardcore.

Combat Kinetics is all about running, sprinting, jumping, crawling, throwing, climbing, rolling and having complete control over your body and mind. We work on more than just isolated strength, machine assisted endurance and bulky muscles. We don’t have trainers, we have coaches. We have combined the latest aspects of sports science with gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and strongman workouts to provide you with a program which flawlessly combines the best aspects of each of these systems with the other.

The result? True strength, extreme mobility, explosive power, elite endurance and a superbly balanced physique.


MMA Combat Sport:

We take our combat seriously. We do not waste our time with useless formalities and rituals. We train recreational, amatuer and professional athletes in full contact, competitive combat sport at the highest levels.

Whether our students take their skills into competition or not, we expect discipline, dedication and hard work. Our MMA and Submission Grappling syllabus consists of elements from Malyutham, Muay Thai, Judo, Bjj, catch wrestling and Boxing.

MMA Tactical Combat:
Our tactical combatives module for advanced students builds on our Competitive MMA syllabus to include lethal striking techniques, small joint manipulation, knife, stick and small weapon skills.

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