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iBeyond Fit is a team of passionate individuals who are committed to teaching and motivating their students to strive for greatness both physically and mentally. The team embodies the core values of Mixed Martial Arts, including respect, integrity, discipline, focus, perseverance, and social responsibility. They believe that through their training programs, they can develop not only great athletes but also great citizens. iBeyond Fit’s elite coaches are dedicated to helping their students maximize their potential, with personalized programs designed to meet their unique needs. With their partner’s guidance and motivation, students can push themselves to go beyond their limits. Every session at iBeyond Fit is dynamic, energizing, and inspiring. The programs are designed to build strong foundations and keep students focused on achieving their goals, whether they want to get in excellent physical shape, learn self-defence or become world-class athletes.

As of April 2023, Combat Kinetics is proud to announce that iBeyond Fit has become an affiliate club of our innovative Mixed Martial Arts organization. As an affiliate club, iBeyond Fit will now have access to Combat Kinetics’ extensive resources, training methods, and techniques, enabling them to provide an even better training experience for their students.

Through our partnership, iBeyond Fit will gain access to Combat Kinetics’ unique training programs, which have been developed by world-class experts in Mixed Martial Arts. These programs focus on building physical and mental strength, developing self-defence skills, and promoting overall wellness.

As an affiliate club of Combat Kinetics, iBeyond Fit will be able to offer their students an even more comprehensive and enriching training experience. Our cutting-edge training methods and techniques will be integrated into their existing programs, providing students with the latest knowledge and techniques in Mixed Martial Arts.

Combat Kinetics is excited to welcome iBeyond Fit into our network of affiliate clubs and to collaborate with their passionate team of coaches. We look forward to seeing the positive impact our partnership will have on iBeyond Fit’s students and their journey towards physical and mental wellness.

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