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Beat The Heat!

The first collaborative article with our nutrition partner ONP is a really really important one. With Agni Natchathiram burning everything in its wake our athletes need to be at the top of their game but stay wary of heat illness. Just about everyone in Chennai is at risk for heat Illness and symptoms are very subtle at first. Infants, elderly, Athletes, active people, Party goers, obese people are all at risk. Please do yourself a favour and read the full blog article. Spread the word and you might just save a life.

Feel Fit, Be Fit

I’ve been in Combat Kinetics for one year and I can proudly say that it is the best fitness and MMA centre in Chennai. I’ve gone to both gym and CK, but I personally find CK far better than gym. I feel gyming is kind of lazy and workouts done are indoors with AC, which […]

The Healthy Fat Loss Diet: Ketogenic Diet

As with everything else we promote at CK, the ketogenic diet, also known as LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), is healthy, practical, simple, very effective and not necessarily in alignment with the current industry norms. Most of the diets aimed at fat-loss involve avoiding all fats in your food. But as crazy as it sounds, […]