CK Chetpet.

Semi-Indoor & Outdoor MMA Club Chennai

Functional Fitness, Performance Fitness, Boxing, Kick Boxing.

On the terrace of Sherwood Hall School, we have a 4000+ sq foot semi-indoor space for workouts. Heavy bag and mat work, free weights and monkey bars are the only equipment you will find here. A separate sand pit, basketball court and a tennis court is available for our outdoor workouts and activities for when we choose to play for a bit.

As always, we are intentionally spartan by design with our equipment and only have what we need to train. The quality we show with our coaches, our results and our programming has made the Chetpet club into an acclaimed, one of a kind fitness destination.

The Chetpet club is also home to our school level competitive team and training program for young athletes from Chennai who are serious about making a mark in Olympic Combat Sports (Judo, Boxing).