CK Nungambakkam.

Semi-Indoor MMA Club Chennai

Functional Fitness, Performance Fitness, MMA, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Indian Wrestling, Gymnastics, Parkour, Calisthenics.

Our Nungambakam MMA club is at 5000+ sq ft, also our largest, full time space.

We have a practice ring, practice cage, separate striking and grappling area. For our Kinetics 101 (Bootcamp & Fitness) programs we have a Monkey bar, Peg boards, Turf, a Sled, mini obstacles and a whole lot more. This is gearing up to be our main club and a model format for all our other CK clubs.

The Nungambakam Club is where we hold our now famous “Saturday Fight
Club” sessions and most of our add on outreach programs.