Performance & MMA Certification & Grading.

Combat Kinetics has a four + two Level MMA  Certification and Grading process which cover its two main elements individually — Performance Fitness and Combat.

We train striking, grappling and takedowns on separate days for levels 1 through 3.

The first two levels of Performance training are “Foundation Levels”. They will have a focus on developing your base fitness and optimizing your movement patterns. By level 2 you will start learning basic techniques and skills that you will learn to execute at speed with proper form. Level 1 and 2 are “No contact” levels, meaning, there will be no sparring in your syllabus, nor is it required for you to take and pass the tests.

The third and fourth levels of MMA Certification are “Combat Levels” where you will start applying techniques learned in the first two levels. Light and semi contact sparring in real time will open up a whole new world to you during your level3. Learning how to punch, kick and throw is one thing… This is when you truly start learning how to FIGHT. Level 4 takes it further into serious training and preparation for competition against other elite athletes.

The fifth and sixth levels of MMA Certification are invite only for select students who show exemplary skill and dedication. These will be the students who will be entrusted with taking forward the Combat Kinetics legacy of Champions in the years to come.

Our curriculum is not limited to techniques taught. Dozens of drills are also a part of each level and support the acquisition of movement skills, conditioning and priming the neuromuscular connect. Physical competence acquired at each level is not limited to the acquisition of techniques, but also imply specific performance levels that need to be attained. The amount of training and application that goes into these programs are unprecedented.

Apart from our MMA certification we also offer grading and certification recognized by the Asian Olympic Committee and sportaccord in the following disciplines under their respective Apex world bodies:


Jujitsu International Federation (JJIF): Jujitsu (BJJ, show system and Combat Jujitsu)

Federation International de Sambo (FIAS): Sambo (Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo)

Foundation Levels.


 Title = HUMAN

 1 Month Certification

General Physical Preparedness, Basic kinetics; 45 minutes a day

In this level you will learn proper form for all the essential movements and exercises, we will touch upon general alignment and motor abilities as well all the other related components of a good fitness program. Strength, flexibility, coordination, Explosive power, agility, balance among other things. Training to be eligible for taking this test lasts for a minimum of one month.


 Title = SAVAGE

 3 Month Certification

Performance fitness, proper form for techniques, supplementary drills; 60 – 90 minutes a day.

In this level you will be pushed into performance mode, competing with your own best times and personal records we will keep you on a constant line of progress just beyond your comfort zone. We will start introducing you to the core combat forms and basic techniques that will be further ingrained into your neuromuscular  system… Training to be eligible for this certification lasts for a minimum of 3 months.

Combat Levels.


 Title = BEAST

 6 Month Certification + District Level Fight Win

Athletic conditioning, Technique variations, Advanced drills, light sparring

At this level focus shifts from fitness and drills to applied technique and combat skills, your fitness levels will continue to increase exponentially but you will find yourself more involved on a mental level. As a savage you would have built up enough strength agility and fitness to start controlled sparring a few times every week so you can finally start applying the skills you had built up in the first two levels of training.



 12 Month Certification + National Level Fight Win

Advanced techniques, variations, counters and reversals, hard sparring

At this level we will be training intermediate fighters to push themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of they will have an option to be a part of the combat kinetics fight team and represent us at national level events, a strenuous regime to strengthen both body and mind with only one goal set before them “OUTPERFORM!” and then get even better. Training will be for approximately 3 hours a day 6 days a week.


 Title = LYCAN

 12 Month Certification + International Level Fight Win

Our advanced students will go into training with advanced techniques, tricks and strategies unique to combat kinetics reserved for only exceptionally talented and dedicated students.

Selected students who will be part of the fully sponsored CK fight team for international as well as professional competition.


 Title = YALI

 3 Month Full Time Internship

After completing the Expert level and proving their skills in full contact competitions in an international arena… These exceptionally talented students will have the option of learning more about the Science behind the Art of Coaching, Beyond just skills for taking classes the course will cover Sports science, fitness certification, training methodologies, Mental Coaching, First Aid and Rehabilitation as well as business management.

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