Our revolutionary Algorithmic System and the complexity of combat sports training

August 20, 2020/by Combat Kinetics

How early should your kid start MMA?

September 18, 2019/by Combat Kinetics

Beat The Heat!

The first collaborative article with our nutrition partner ONP is a really really important one. With Agni Natchathiram burning everything in its wake our athletes need to be at the top of their game but stay wary of heat illness. Just about everyone in Chennai is at risk for heat Illness and symptoms are very subtle at first. Infants, elderly, Athletes, active people, Party goers, obese people are all at risk. Please do yourself a favour and read the full blog article. Spread the word and you might just save a life.
April 17, 2019/by Combat Kinetics

MMA for your Mental Health.

February 28, 2019/by Combat Kinetics
MMA Fighters Mindset

MMA State of Mind: What is the fighters mindset?

February 6, 2019/by Combat Kinetics
hydration benefits

Staying Hydrated: How drinking enough water can help you achieve peak performance

January 19, 2019/by Combat Kinetics

Aquatic Active Recovery: How water can help boost muscle recovery and more

January 5, 2019/by Combat Kinetics
Athlete Prep

Lights Out: Why grabbing adequate amounts of shut-eye is absolutely essential to your fitness goals

December 21, 2018/by Combat Kinetics
Raising the bar infographic

Raising The Bar: Training Scientifically For Combat Sports

November 22, 2018/by Combat Kinetics

Shut Up, Read, Do.

Since the day I started Combat Kinetics, I have noticed people…
August 18, 2013/by Combat Kinetics

It’s all in the mind

December 22, 2011/by Combat Kinetics

You can’t do that… You’re a woman!

After hearing a whole bunch of ignorant traditionalists go on…
December 16, 2011/by Combat Kinetics
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