How do you train athletes in a complex, ever evolving system that has thousands of elements to master?

The flexibility and mental connect of a yogi, the true strength and mobility of a gymnast, the explosive power of a sprinter, the finesse and balance of a ballet dancer, the explosive accuracy of a fencer, the agility and versatility of a parkourista, the hand-eye coordination of a badminton player, the technical skillset of a martial artist, the conditioning of a tennis player and the mental strength of a special forces commando. As a system, combat sports, especially MMA is a class apart.

Traditional martial arts are codified systems of practice refined over thousands of years, they need to be practiced and perfected over years of training, a student can start off as a sickly, uncoordinated kid and through training optimize their body to be in the top 1% of human capability.

These days everybody is talking about “Functional Training” but GPP (general physical preparedness) isn’t new, These are all byproducts of calisthenics progressions and supplementary exercises we use to get our bodies ready for the rigors of skill application.

Take a quick look at Jackie chan, Jet li, Tony Ja, Van Damme, Bruce Lee, the Shaolin monks, or any other high-level martial artist.  and you’ll find someone who can run, jump, climb, flip, spin, and /roll at speed while effortlessly applying sophisticated techniques with stunning accuracy and power.

Over decades of competition and analytics, we zero in on the most effective combat sports in the world (wrestling, Boxing, Sambo, Muay Thai, etc). Choose the most effective techniques from these arts (through the process of elimination in actual competition) and add the latest in sports science training protocols for elite-level athletes.

Now, let’s take it a step further and combine these components into one seamless system that retains all the strengths but none of the weaknesses, this system is again filtered over the years through competition. The end result is a protocol that’s at the pinnacle of combat sports and just about any other training methodology out there, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

This constantly refined system is taught to every individual who steps into Combat Kinetics.  after the student achieves a baseline level of technique and conditioning we give them the option to start hard sparring and effectively develop their skills. Touch, technical and hard sparring is the last progressions that a student will go through before they actually choose whether they will continue learning as martial artists or take their skills into competition.

Choosing to compete, get into the cage and fight is a whole different level of the mind-body connection, determination, and focus. Once they are ready we then give them the option to compete outside of the club in amateur competition that will truly test them against the best in the district>state>country>Continent and finally the world. With one of the top amateur teams in the country, CK is now introducing our athletes into the professional arena to fight in top promotions such as UFC, One Championship, M1, Bellator, etc… This is the pinnacle of the sport and the macro progression we build towards from our algorithmic training.