A modern martial art, and also an Olympic sport that was created in 1882 by Prof Jigoro Kano after studying various styles of Jiu-Jitsu. There are three basic categories of Waza ( techniques ) in Judo : Nage-waza (throwing techniques), Katame waza (grappling and submission techniques) and Akemi-waza (striking techniques). A lot of emphasis is placed on free practice, and competition. All techniques are based on the central principles of maximum efficiency and minimum effort which eliminates the need for having brute strength. The techniques can be used by a small person to throw and defend against a much larger and stronger opponent effectively.

Judo & MMA.

Grappling is an integral part of MMA fighting, and Judo training provides some essential skills needed for mixed martial arts fighting.

1)  Judo is famous for it’s takedowns. The takedowns are brutal, and are designed to be used with minimum effort and efficient use of strength.

2) The art also has a variety of leg blocks, reaps, trips and sweeps that give a fighter a wide variety of tools for stand-up grappling. Judokas are experts at the standing clinch position, and are good at controlling and throwing opponents from a clinch.

3) Except for chokeholds, a variety of submissions and joint locks are allowed in Judo. It is a good base for ground fighting and submission fighting.

4) Judokas are well versed in pins, and are familiar with applying and maintaining dominant positions on the floor, positional control transitions and setting up for submissions.

A lot of MMA fighters train in Judo to get their stand-up grappling to speed. Ronda Rousey is a former World Champion in Judo, and has also won several Olympic medals. She has been highly successful in the mixed martial arts circuit. Almost all her wins in her MMA career have been submission by arm-bar.

Judo for Fitness & Health.

Judo is a workout for the entire body. Not only does it strengthen muscles, but it also improves balance, coordination and joint strength. The emphasis on falling correctly and the regular practice of break falls helps avoid injuries in other situations where you might take a spill. Throwing and falling both help in developing stronger supporting muscles, also improving posture. They teach the importance of proper alignment during movements, which helps in preventing injuries.

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