Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Mixed martial arts, or MMA is a full contact sport that combines striking and grappling arts, and has fighting techniques from various styles of fighting. Various competitions that allowed the use of both striking and grappling already existed in various parts of the world. These were the traditional MMA styles like Kudo, Pankration, Sambo and Malyutham, each having their own set of techniques.

Fights were first conducted in 1993, and were promoted as competitions to find the most effective martial art for real unarmed combat. Fighters were pitted against each other with minimal rules to see who came out on top. Eventually fighters started training in multiple styles to improve their chances in the competition, and the style that came about from mixing and combining various arts came to be known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Modern MMA training involves three main categories of training and techniques:- a) Striking b) Grappling c) Takedowns


These are martial arts that allow only the use of strikes, whether kicks, punches or both. The focus of these arts are to develop powerful strikes, and includes styles like Boxing, Muay-Thai, and Kyokushin Karate among others. Most MMA fighters now train in atleast two of these arts to gain a good mastery over striking skills.


Submission wrestling concentrates more on techniques that are done on the floor. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was an art that was pioneered by the Gracie family and is considered to be a very effective style for ground fighting. Almost all MMA syllabus includes techniques from BJJ training for submissions and positional control. There are also other styles like Sambo which have their own techniques, and they specialize in leg locks.

Judo also has a few submission techniques, which Judokas are good at using within short span fights.

Stand-Up Grappling (Takedowns).

These are arts that involve a lot of grappling from the stand-up ‘Clinch’ position. The main focus of these arts is to pin the opponent to the floor, for which points are awarded. The most famous arts belonging to this style are Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo, Kushti and Sambo. Clinch fighting techniques are also common in Muay-Thai, and have been used in MMA competitions. Muay Thai’s clinch fighting techniques are considered to be highly effective in mixed martial arts fights.

Overall MMA tries to combine and integrate the best and most effective techniques from the various styles of martial arts of the world, in order to develop a fighting system which aims to be complete in all aspects. It is quickly gaining popularity, and is the fastest growing sport in the world.

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