Pankration in Greek translates to “full might”. It was a combat sport in ancient Greece, which resembles the modern mixed martial arts in many ways. Any kind of striking was allowed, which included punches and kicks, along with a variety of wrestling and grappling techniques. Fights were ended either by submission, knockout or in some cases, with the death of a fighter. It was also used by the Greek and Macedonian armies in warfare.

Although the ancient art is now extinct, a modern form of Pankration has been revived thanks to a few martial artists and historians who have studied the ancient techniques and have adapted them to our times.

Pankration & MMA.

The biggest advantage in training in Pankration is it’s similarity to modern mixed martial arts.

– Because all striking is allowed except for punches to the head, training in this style easily transition into full contact MMA fighting.

– The throws and takedowns resemble many of the throws from Judo, but are also very effective to be used in fighting.

– Submissions techniques are varied in Pankration, so fighters have a good knowledge of ground fighting.

The art in it’s modern form has few restrictions and rules, and it is a good training base for amateur MMA talent.

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